Monday, 12 June 2017

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Let’s Me Hand Over To You Twenty-two Lucrative Online Business Cash Sucking Materials You Can Use To Start Making Money Within The Next 7 Days !

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It's Ajisafe Tope Joseph reaching out to you today with this Incredible Special Offer.

I am not going to make this long and complicated because I believe that a good product and a trust worthy name will always sell itself. So, do not expect to see all those fluffs and fillers here.

Straight to the point, I have decided throwing out a superb offer for the sake of fellow Nigerians who will benefit immensely from it.
This was brought about by my insatiable appetite to always disseminate quality information that will improve the life of my esteemed Subscribers and honorable followers. Touching lives in my own special way gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction which gears me to always give out everything i deemed useful to my subscribers.
For this reason, I have decided to give out twenty-two (22) Quality materials that will benefit each and everyone of my subscribers. I bet there will be no way where there wouldn't be at least 4 to 8 out of these collections that will tickle your fancy.
I shall give all 22 materials to you for a token. May be I should first of all permit you to check through the materials in my special collection.

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The Collection Includes...

Info Product 1: New Importation Business Secret Without Paying High Rate US Dollar.

Normal Price N7,500

Info Products 2: Pizza Recipes...a complete book containing thorough and easiest training on how to prepare more than 200 hot and delicious pizza recipes

 Normal Price N2,000

Info Products 3: A complete guide to build awesome blogs and how to apply for google adsense and start raking in thousands of dollars weekly
Normal Price N2,500

Info Products 4: How To Make N100,000 Monthly From Information Marketing Business In Nigeria.
Normal Price N5,000

Info Products 5: Great and secret videos on how to build websites using easy and fast !
Normal Price N5,000

Info Products 6: How to build professional forum like nairaland, naija pals e.t.c within few minutes...the secret that many do not want leak out
Normal Price N7,500

Info Products 7 :Discover A Never Known To Man Secret On How You Can Quickly Stop Premature  Ejaculation And Last More Than 30 Min In BPremature mal Price N3,000

Info Products 8: How to write and create e-books... stop begging people to do it for you...learn it now and start doing it for people !
Normal Price N2,500

Info Products 9: How To Design Mini Website Within 30 Minutes Or Less.
Normal Price N5,500

Info Products 10: How to make your own perfume which you can sell at high prices
Normal Price N3,500

Info Product 11: A complete textbook of easy money making in Nigeria
Normal Price N7,500

  Info Product 12.. A well packaged book how to interpret dreams
                                           Normal Price  N 1,500

    Info Product 13.. A wonderful book on good and healthy eating well packaged for old and young !
                                        Normal Price  N 2,000
   Info Product 14.. How to make friends and keep them
                                 Normal Price  N 2,000

   Info Product 15.. How to sell anything to anyone
                                 Normal Price  N 2,000
    Info Product 16.. An awesome and well prepared textbook on cake and decoration
                                 Normal Price  N 4,000

   Info Product 17.. Cook book that has brought joy and pretty smile to people's homes
                                 Normal Price  N 3,200

   Info Product 18.. Best handbook on effective cure for all diseases
                                 Normal Price  N 3,200

   Info Product 19..Grab the secret of Facebook Traffic Jam and start promoting your sites for almost free !
                                 Normal Price  N 2,500

   Info Product 20.. A complete book on how to make different world class juice... you will definitely be happy to lay your hands on this great book !
       Normal Price  N 2,500

   Info Product 21..Grab the prerequisite information and knowledge that will give you more than all you actually need to study abroad.
      Normal Price  N 6,000

   Info Product 22.. How to import/order for brand new laptops at cheaper price you can ever imagine !                   
          Normal Price  N 3,300

So, you are getting all these value packed hot information product? You've never seen anything like this before!

Be fair...

You know this Packed Information is priceless. If I charge you the normal price of

N88,200 Only,

I bet it's good enough.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't charge that much as I celebrate Easter season with my subscribers.

I will only charge you

N58,750 Only

For My SPECIAL Offer

Even in as much as am determined to assist you make it real good on Internet (just as I did for my present internet money making students) when you eventually do.

N58,750 should be just perfect for this kind of unique and life-changing offer! Or what do you think?

Once more, I will surprise you. Why?...Perhaps, how?

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It's My Special

I wouldn't charge N58,750

Not even...


You will only have to pay


90% OFF

Hurry though, I will only give 10 people an access to all these amazing packages for only...


Once all the spots are filled, the price goes back up to


As they say, the early bird gets the worm!

As you can see, this package is full of great products that can make you money online immediately. Don't let it pass you by.
How much would you want me to give out my digital library for?

If you were to buy these products individual, you would spend over N70,000 to get them.
You don't need to spend that much to get this package because this is a gift from me.

I will let you have access to all my digital library for just

Only if you act immediately.

From few days from now, the price will be N10,000
This offer ends finally few days time. After that, all of them will be taken back to my digital library.
Please don't call me as regards these prices.
They are firm.
No consideration on these prices.
If you are getting it now, you pay the lowest. So act fast now before it increases.
This is not an offer you should think twice about.

You will only see this offer once....meaning, this is the first and last time I will ever let you have access to my treasured digital library, so take advantage of this opportunity now.

If for any reason you find that my SPECIAL Offer does not deliver what it promises, just call to ask for a full refund and I will refund you every penny and also tender an apology to you for wasting your precious time.
I am giving you 30 days money back Guarantee.
I have the full confidence that my birthday offer will change your financial situation before the end of this year.


                    Pay (deposit or transfer) #3,999 to...               

                                        Access Bank 

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  Account name: AJISAFE TOPE JOSEPH 

   Account number: 0009754870

Once you are done with your payment, just send me a text on  07067827070  with the following details:

Your Name
Amount Paid
Teller Number
Valid email address
GSM Number

For Equiries:

Call 07067827070

To Your Success,

Ajisafe Tope Joseph
P.S. The price increases just in a few weeks time... so act fast now to get it at the lowest price.
P.S.S. This is the first and last time I will ever let you have access to my treasured digital library, so take advantage of this opportunity now.

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